It all started one day in 1997 in a conversation with an old college buddy of mine. After being in the industry for many years, he could not believe how saturated the fire supply market was with chintzy, knock-off products and how lacking it was in good dealers selling quality product.

This gave me an idea. If firefighters were an unserved market truly in search of the best quality product, and if I could sell it to them at a reasonable price, I could go into business. Here we are, 24 years later, and we're still going strong, selling the best product for the lowest prices on the Internet. In fact, Columbus Supply has blossomed into one of the largest volume operations, supplying local municipalities, volunteer departments, virtually every state in the union along with all U.S. protectorates and territories, and the United States federal government (as well as all of our armed forces world-wide) with much of its fire, emergency, and rescue equipment, as well as individual firefighters, whole fire departments, county and state officials nationwide, and many others.

How do we know that we have the best products? Well, we've kept our ear to the streets and done a bit of homework. We've received direct feedback from firefighters in addition to interviewing and getting tips from conversations with firefighters, fire chiefs, and other emergency personnel. We believe that the best place to find out which products are the best is straight from the proverbial horse's mouth. For example, we won't sell you those cheap, three-piece Halligan tools that always break at the wrong moment, even if you wanted them. We only sell one-piece, drop-forged Halligan Pro-Bars because they're the best. And that perfectly exemplifies our business policy.

While we do large orders for all levels of government and military, don't feel like you'll just become an email address or phone number. We deal with each customer personally not only to ensure accuracy and satisfaction, but because we believe that good customer service is the most important part of business. Even though we deal nationally, we will treat you like a local—and as our most important customer, because you are.

If you're interested in learning more about us, making a purchase, or just saying hey, feel free to contact us at any time.

We hope you enjoy our site!

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