• Unique hydrostatic valve protects the water sensitive element from activation in rain, spray, splash or humidity
  • Single point indicator shows the inflator's readiness status
  • Cylinder indicator ensures the cylinder has not been used
  • Gas cylinder located inside the life jacket bladder, protecting against corrosion
  • No service requirement of the Inflator Cap for 5 years (unless fired)

The Manual/Automatic version works like this...

HiTThe Hydrostatic Inflator has a unique hydrostatic valve that works by the pressure difference between the inside of the bladder and the outside. When the inflator is lowered more than about 4 inches or so in the water, then the hydrostatic valve opens and lets the water meet the water sensitive element that in turn releases a stainless steel coil spring. The spring then drives a needle into the end of the gas cylinder, which is now punctured so that the gas instantly fills the life jacket. Jumping, or falling, into the water will immediately activate the hydrostatic valve and the life jacket will inflate. Total buoyancy is normally reached within 4 – 5 seconds.

The Hydrostatic Inflator can withstand spray, wave splash and high humidity without causing accidental inflation because it requires pressure on the hydrostatic valve to allow water ingress to activate. Accidental inflation can cause accidents!

The Manual/Automatic inflator

The cylinder will not corrode because it is carried inside the inflatable bladder and is therefore protected from the atmosphere and corrosive effects of salt water.

There are no servicing costs because the hydrostatic inflator does not require servicing. The only time it will need to be serviced is if it has been used (inflated) or is 5 years from manufacture. You will find the expiry date on the top label.

See the video!

To check that everything is OK:

  1. Is the single point indicator green?
  2. Is the expiry date within the limit?

If YES, the lifejacket is charged and ready for use.

If you want to test your life jacket in water, you can do this without activating the inflator. Just inflate your jacket through the oral tube and then go swimming. The counter pressure inside the bladder will prevent the hydrostatic valve from opening! That way you will not use up your gas cylinder. After your swim, let the jacket dry off, and then deflate it.

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